Climate Change Action Plan

About the project

York Region is already experiencing impacts of a changing climate: warmer temperatures leading to an increase in blacklegged ticks, flooding due to more frequent and powerful rainstorms, and power outages and tree loss because of ice storms.

The draft Climate Change Action Plan (Action Plan) is York Region’s plan to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas pollution, transitioning to a low-carbon way of living and building resilient communities.

Community input is vital to achieving these goals. We asked for your feedback to ensure the Action Plan addresses climate-related issues that matter most to you and your community.

The plan

York Region continues to take a leading role in addressing climate change through Vision, the York Region Official Plan and the draft Climate Change Action Plan. Building on this work, the draft Action Plan provides a framework for all levels of government, businesses and communities to work together to fight climate change.

The draft Action Plan identifies 26 actions that focus on reducing emissions that cause climate change, managing the risks of climate change impacts and implementing the Action Plan.

The Action Plan outlines the Region’s role in leading these efforts and identifies opportunities for the Region to work with its nine local cities and towns, businesses, conservation authorities and residents to put the plan into action.

Working together, York Region’s communities will continue to thrive under changing climate conditions.

What this means for you

York Region welcomes feedback to ensure the draft Climate Change Action Plan considers the experiences and expectations of residents. Your input will help York Region refine and prioritize the implementation of actions and future climate action initiatives.

The Action Plan will be presented to York Regional Council in September 2022.

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