Yonge Street Subway

It is quite obvious that we need  the Yonge Street Subway extended to Richmond Hill Centre (along with a number of other public transit and traffic infrastructure investments). Since I was a part of the Yonge Street Subway Advisory Task Force back in 2007, The Region of York and Richmond Hill have completed all of the design work needed to get this project started but have not yet received the go ahead and funding from the Provincial and Federal Governments.

I should also add that each year that I was Chair of the Government Affairs Committee and the Chair of the Board of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce, better transit, and action to decrease traffic congestion have been the top priorities for Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce businesses. I initiated a prioritized listing of the Chamber’s top lobbying efforts during this time in order to focus our lobbying efforts at the Chamber. Traffic and transit issues were always at the top of the list. The Chamber has worked hard during this period lobbying the government to supply the needed funding to get this very important project started. I salute Mayor Barrow for this call to action to the government and all of the other efforts he and others have made in the past to get this crucial infrastructure started. As a council we need to continue to add our voices to this effort. As we continue to grow, the future prosperity of our community depends on our ability to move around, and public transit infrastructure like the subway will be a key component.

Now is the Time to Build the Yonge North Subway Extension
Mayor calls on new Minister of Transportation to make the subway a priority

RICHMOND HILL – Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow today called on the Ontario Government to make the Yonge North Subway Extension a top priority for its $29 billion transportation plan.

“The Yonge North Subway Extension project has been identified by Metrolinx as a priority project awaiting funding from the Province,” said Mayor Barrow. “The provincial government has both the mandate and the budget and should begin to build this badly-needed transit project now.”

Mayor Barrow’s comments follow the tabling of the Ontario Budget on July 14 which allocated $29 billion for GTA transit and transportation projects over the next ten years.

The Yonge Subway extension to Richmond Hill Centre will help alleviate traffic congestion along Yonge Street and beyond, with direct connection to rapid transit services that span York Region. It will allow commuters a seamless and convenient connection to York Viva Bus Rapid Transit, York Region Transit, GO Transit and the TTC transit system connecting Toronto to Richmond Hill.

“The extension of the Yonge Subway line north to Richmond Hill is consistently one of the top concerns of Richmond Hill residents, but the positive impact of this project will reach across the GTA,” said Mayor Barrow.

The Richmond Hill Centre transit anchor will deliver more riders and ridership movement than any other anchor in the GTA apart from Union Station. The Environmental Assessment was unconditionally approved in 2009 and the Conceptual Design Study was approved by the Toronto Transit Commission and The Regional Municipality of York in 2012.

In short – the extension is ‘shovel ready’.