Winter Updates


We’re Ready! Are You?

Winter comes every year. Sometimes it’s late; sometimes it’s early. One thing we’re certain of is that it’s coming!

Richmond Hill staff start planning for winter long before the first snowflakes hit the ground! How? They start by cleaning and repairing streets, clearing leaves from catch basins, and reviewing the winter maintenance protocols and standards. Plowing routes are reviewed; maps are updated; staff are trained; and truck, salt and sand equipment is tested.

Snow clearing activities move into full swing once snow is predicted. Our staff monitor the weather using a GPS system and other weather-tracking apps. Several hours before an expected storm event, an anti-icing brine is applied to bridge decks and primary roads to prevent ice from forming and to make it easier to clear the roads after the snow does fall. It takes about three to four hours to salt all roads in Richmond Hill and plowing operations begin at five centimeters of accumulation. Plowing our roads will take anywhere from 10 to 12 hours – depending on the intensity of weather.

Of note, we now offer a subscription option on our website ( so you can stay current with what’s happening on our roads and sidewalks. Our windrow clearing service is still available to those who qualify, as well. To learn more about windrow clearing and to register, visit Please also remember to follow our winter parking rules (visit to learn more) and to keep your sidewalks and the area around fire hydrants clear. Lending a helping hand is always a great thing to do, so please be sure to look out for your neighbours this winter.

Above all, we ask that you please be patient during a snow event. Richmond Hill may seem like a small municipality compared to others, but it takes time to safely clear our roads and sidewalks.

To learn more about winter maintenance in Richmond Hill, visit Stay safe!