We are Proud to Call Richmond Hill Home

Recently Richmond Hill staff commissioned a survey soliciting citizen opinions about life in Richmond Hill. As has been demonstrated in the past, an overwhelming majority (92%) of citizens are quite satisfied with the quality of the community that we all call home. In particular people expressed an appreciation that Richmond Hill is close to amenities, we have lots of Parks and Open Spaces, and that we are a close knit community.  Like any great City however we need to keep moving forward and keep looking for ways to improve upon and maintain a livable and vibrant community. 
As such, the survey also outlined a few issues that citizens feel require our attention. These issues include addressing traffic pressures, improving public transit, issues related to urbanization, over crowding and population growth, as well as improving our roads system. It was also important to note that the survey outlined an increase in the perceived importance of creating greater options related to housing affordability in our community. The opinions expressed in this survey related to the need for affordability corresponds to what I am hearing more frequently from residents in one form or another, and I agree the issue needs to be tackled by this council in a comprehensive manner. On that note, in the last budget Council approved a study to determine how we can encourage the development of more affordable housing choices and I look forward to seeing the findings of this study.
Consistent with the survey findings, I too am proud of Richmond Hill. Like any growing and increasingly urban community we need to continue to address a number of issues, and this process needs to include listening to the needs of the citizens and providing a strong two way communication between citizens, stakeholders and our municipal staff. To view the complete survey report please visit https://pub-richmondhill.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=24130
In the past month I introduced three motions to Council. For complete details of the Reducing Single Use Plastic Motion, my motion to control and regulate Real Estate Open House signs, and my motion recognizing urgent need for action on Climate Change, please see the Council News section below in this e newsletter. I believe that each of these motions work toward the important goal of maintaining Richmond Hill as a vibrant community.  
If you have any questions, comments, kudos, or concerns please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to speak to residents about our great community.
Banner Photo – Courtesy of City of Richmond Hill – Opening of the Oak Ridges Youth Park Area (more details below)