Ward 4 Development Applications – Update

There are a number of development applications active in Ward 4 that continue to generate significant interest from residents.  This newsletter section is intended to keep everyone informed and updated about the status of these applications. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all active development applications in the ward, but a brief synopsis of select applications. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have questions about applications described below or questions about an application that is not included here. 
A good general resource related to Land Use Planning can be found on the Minstry of Municipal Affirs website at  www.ontario.ca/document/citizens-guide-land-use-planning
1. 35 Wright Street
A revised proposal for this property has been submitted by the applicant that includes the preservation of the existing heritage building, and the addition of a 6 storey residential building. The original proposal included a higher building height and a proposed office use for the property. A staff report related to the revised development proposal is tentatively scheduled to come to Committee of the Whole on September 4th.
2. A Revised Development Proposal from Yonge MCD (Brookside RD. and Yonge St.)
In July Council gave direction to Richmond Hill Planning Staff by passing a directions report related to the Tertiary Plan for lands at Yonge Street and Brookside Road. This Council direction will assist staff in their efforts to negotiate a resolution to the LPAT appeal of the development application on these lands.  This staff report represents a request for direction from Richmond Hill’s Planning Staff to approve a revised development concept for the area. 
The original application included some very high density condo towers but has been modified in its current proposal. The new proposal features a new road connecting Yonge St. to Brookside, a linear park parallel to the creek and protected flood plain lands, as well as stacked town houses, semi detached houses, and a 5 storey retirement home close to the north east part of the property.