Ward 4 Development Applications – Update

There are a number of development applications active in Ward 4 that continue to generate significant interest from residents.  This newsletter section is intended to keep everyone informed and updated about the status of these applications. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all active development applications in the ward, but a brief synopsis of select applications. Information that is new since the last newsletter is marked as “**NEW**” Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have questions about applications described below or questions about an application that is not included here. 
Current and ongoing applications with little or no significant developments to report are listed below with a brief summary of the application only. New applications, since last month, or ones with significant developments since last month are listed with greater detail below.
A good general resource related to Land Use Planning can be found on the Minstry of Municipal Affirs website at www.ontario.ca/document/citizens-guide-land-use-planning
Current Applications with no significant Changes to report since last month 
1. 129, 133, 141 Arnold Cres and 230 Major Mackenzie Dr. W. 
Potential townhouse development near Arnold Cres. and Major Mackenzie Dr.
2. 35 Wright Street
Redevelopment of a Heritage designated home on Wright Street just west of Yonge Street.
3. 116 Lucas St. 
The applicant is proposing to build a semi detached dwelling on the subject lands. Staff is currently reviewing this application after receiving input from residents and Council. A staff report with a recommendation will be presented at a future Committee of the Whole meeting.
New Applications / Older Applications with new changes since the last month to report
1. 11488 Yonge St and 49 Gamble Rd. (south west corner of Gamble and Yonge)
A proposed townhouse and condominium development near the south west corner of Gamble Rd. and Yonge St.
**NEW**At the Council Meeting on May 14th Council voted to direct staff to proceed to the LPAT Hearing in opposition to the development application and advise the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal that Council does not support the Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment applications for 11488 Yonge Street and 49 Gamble Road for the principle reasons outlined in staff report SRPRS.19.046. In my comments I encouraged the applicant and staff to continue to explore a way to bring this application in line with the Official Plan requirements and to address all outstanding issues. 

2. 251, 253 and 259 Oxford Street

A proposal for 14 Single Detached homes (that was subsequently changes to 20 semidetached homes – for details see below)
**NEW** At Committee of the Whole on May 7th, a staff report was presented to Council with a recommendation to approve a plan for 14 single detached dwellings (to view the related staff report please visit – https://pub-richmondhill.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=22758 ). With very little advance notice, at the May 7th meeting a request by the applicant to change the 14 single detached homes to 20 semidetached homes was presented. I objected to this plan because it was made clear in the staff report that this plan was not acceptable to the staff based on their analysis of the application. It was also clear to me from speaking to residents at the Council Public meeting held in March of 2018 that semi’s were not consistent with the existing neighbourhood and I also objected to the last minute change that did not allow the community sufficient notice to comment on this proposed change. I was able to send a letter to the community letting them know of this unexpected change in plans and a number of citizens were able to send their thoughts (mostly in opposition) to Council. However at the meeting the plan for semi’s was approved by a majority on Council. I continue to oppose this change. Staff has been instructed however to bring back a report to a future Council meeting on the implementation of this new plan. I will advise residents of this report when it is available.