Hosted by Ward 4 Councillor David West


The COVID-19 Pandemic has prevented us from meeting live and in person in large groups like we have done in the past. However, important community conversations are still needed. Throughout 2021 I intend to host a series of these conversations through virtual town hall meetings. The focus of these meetings will be on a range of topics that are important to the community.

February 25th, 7:30 – 8:30 P.M Community Safety and the Neighbourhood Watch Program
April 29th, 7:30 – 8:30 P.M. Metrolinx and the Yonge North Subway Extension
May 27th, 7:30 – 8:30 P.M.Public Works: A Day in the Life
June 24, 7:30 – 8:30 P.M.Considering ‘Local Food’
July 14th Launch of The 2nd annual Richmond Hill Ward 4 Monarch Butterfly Tagging Challenge with Monarch Crusader Carol Pasternak

Join me in May to learn more about “A Day in the Life of Public Works” in Richmond Hill. From the roads and parks to the water and the trees, you may be surprised at the many different ways we are all supported by the Public Works team.

Register below for a one hour webinar on May 27th at 7:30pm.


York Region Food Network

Hosted by Ward 4 Councillor David West

Join me in June to participate in a discussion with our knowledgeable representatives from York Region Food Network as we consider “Local Foods” and how they impact our community.

Register below for a one hour webinar on June 24th at 7:30pm.


Monarch Butterfly Tagging Challenge

Hosted by Ward 4 Councillor David West


I am excited to speak with Monarch Crusader Carol Pasternak on July 14th. Carol Pasternak is an author, teacher, photographer and sought after speaker who has been raising monarch butterflies with her families for 40 years. Her popular book, How To Raise Monarch Butterflies A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids, has received international acclaim. Her second book, 5 Butterflies, will be launched in the Fall.


Register below to join our one hour webinar on July 14th at 7:30pm to get educated and motivated for this exciting challenge.