Volunteer Salute – Derek Christie & Steffi Goodfield

Earlier this month our very own Derek Christie and his band performed yet another charity concert to support another great cause in our community – the Richmond Hill Foodbank. His band and many other bands played at Archibalds Pub in a Music Marathon from noon until Midnight. Darek co hosted and organized this event with Steffi Goodfield. The concert was free to all ages but attendees were asked to bring a food or cash donation to support our local food bank. Many people attended including Mayor Barrow and several other councillors including myself. The result – over $2500 in food and donations were raised to support the Richmond Hill Foodbank. Congratualtions to Derek and his band for unselfishly lending his time and considerable talent yet again to support a great local cause. Helping out and sharing his musical gift seems to be a part of Derek’s DNA!