Viva Rapid Transit Plans for Yonge Street

There will be major changes coming to Yonge Street in Richmond Hill soon. Viva will be constructing dedicated rapid transit lanes on Yonge Street between Highway 7 and Newmarket over the coming years. Below is information regarding these plans.

The next generation of rapid transit is coming to Yonge Street, providing fast, reliable, convenient transit and accommodating new intensified development in Richmond Hill and Newmarket. In Richmond Hill, Yonge Street will be
widened to accommodate dedicated rapidway lanes for viva rapid transit vehicles in the centre of the road and seven

beautiful new viva stations. In total the rapidway will extend 6.5 kilometres from Highway 7 to 19th Avenue/Gamble Road. In the heritage area north of Major Mackenzie Drive, Viva will continue to drive in mixed traffic as it does today. The Yonge Street rapidway is a key part of York Region’s transit network, and will connect with the Richmond Hill Centre/Langstaff Urban Gateway at Highway 7 – with GO Transit and the proposed Yonge Subway Extension.

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