Twickenham Stormwater Management Pond Rehabilitation

The Environmental Assessment for the Twickenham Pond 16-4 Rehabilitation project is now complete. This stormwater management facility is located in Twickenham Park just north of Canyon Hill Ave and east of Bathurst Street. The study took a systems approach and included the investigation of three facilities just downstream (16-1, 16-2 and 16-3) in addition to Twickenham Pond 16-4. 
The Environmental Assessment evaluated a range of alternatives to determine the best rehabilitation solution to improve water quality, erosion and prevent flooding in the area. The recommended solution of the Environmental Assessment is to retrofit Twickenham Pond 16-4 to improve downstream flooding and erosion protection, and remove the three downstream facilities (16-1, 16-2 and 16-3) and naturalize the stream channel in their place, which is possible due to the modifications made to Twickenham Pond 16-4. This will bring our stormwater management infrastructure into compliance with Provincial requirements, reduce long-term maintenance costs and improved the natural environment.
Notices will be sent out to residents near the study area to inform them of the completion of the project, and can be found on the city’s website. at the following link: