Thank You Richmond Hill

As Richmond Hill begins the road to recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic I want to again thank all residents for contributing to this recovery. The Pandemic situation has been a trying time for all of us. I am thankful that we are now beginning to find ourselves in a situation where our lives can return to a more normal state than a few months ago.
I am under no illusions that the path to recovery will be easy or smooth, and it is more important than ever that we all continue to practice all the Public Health protocols consistently in order to allow us to continue on the path to recovery. To paraphrase Kingston’s Chief Medical Officer of Health – “our fate is in all of our hands – so be sure to wash them!” I would continue to encourage everyone to stay well informed and diligent in our actions. Detailed and up to date Public Health information can always be found at or
Below in this e newsletter are two specific reports about Richmond Hill’s economic recovery efforts. Recover Richmond Hill is an Economic Development Task Force that has been formed to guide and support economic recovery for our businesses and citizens. The Task Force will present a final report to Council in the near future outlining actions Richmond Hill will take to support our small businesses during the recovery phase. I have been proud to serve on this committee. I am also proud to serve as the Council Liaison for the Richmond Hill Board of Trade. The Board or Trade continues to be an important organization that does great work helping and supporting our businesses during this unprecedented time.
Finally, Council also recently received a report from our staff outlining a framework entitled “From Recover to Thrive”, that will guide Richmond Hill’s recovery actions as a corporation. Like so many that I have spoken to lately, I am looking forward to moving Richmond Hill back to “Thrive”!
Also reported below in this newsletter is a summary of the actions that were taken by Council concerning the Yonge Bernard Key Development Area. I remain disappointed with the proposed plan to increase residential densities and building heights in this area. I also remain concerned about the implications of LPAT approving this proposed plan and the consequences that I suspect this will have for the specific area around Yonge and Bernard. I am further concerned about the possible precedent that approving these heights and densities could hold for other areas of the municipality.
On a brighter note I was pleased that Council passed my member motion to declare August 22nd as Flight of the Monarch Day. This day will celebrate the beginning of the migration of the Monarch Butterfly from its northern range in places like Richmond Hill to Mexico, where the species overwinters. The event is also another step that Richmond Hill has taken after signing the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge and the Bee City Pledge to promote conservation efforts and public education about butterflies and pollinating insects and the important role that these species play in our lives.
Please feel free to contact me at any time by email ( or by phone at 416-346-3090. I wish everyone all the best and look forward to being able to speak to residents face to face soon!