Supporting Heritage

At Council on February 27th, I moved a motion in support of a Private Member’s Bill before the House of Commons that would provide an income tax incentive to people who own and revitalize a heritage listed property. Heritage buildings are an important part of the character of a number of communities in Richmond Hill and my motion, in support of this Private Member’s Bill, would provide an incentive to landowners who want to restore heritage properties and also provide an incentive to owners that might want to provide an adaptive reuse of their buildings in areas like our Village Core.  

Councillor West’s Motion Passed in Support of MP Van Loan’s Private Member’s Bill

Whereas Richmond Hill citizens value our community’s heritage assets, especially our wide variety of heritage buildings.   

Whereas these historic buildings are enjoyed and provide value to everyone in the community whether they are privately owned or publically owned. The existence of these buildings give us a link to our past, and contribute to an important and desired character to many neighbourhoods in our town.  

Whereas MP Peter Van Loan has tabled a Private Member’s Bill (bill C323) to create an income tax credit to be applied to owners of Heritage Properties when they restore a heritage building. This income tax break will provide a significant financial incentive to revitalize and/or care for heritage buildings.  

Whereas this bill, if passed, would act in a positive manner to encourage restoration of heritage buildings. The passing of this bill would encourage owner of Heritage Buildings to restore their buildings, to the benefit of municipalities like Richmond Hill.  

Therefore, be it resolved that a letter be sent from Richmond Hill Council in support of MP Van Loan’s private member’s bill to the FCM, AMO, The Chair of York Region, MP Jowhari and MP Aleslev as well as the leaders of all three Federal Parties to express Richmond Hill’s support of this initiative.

Below is an interesting article related to this issue. “Posted with permission of the publisher of NRU Publishing Inc. Original article first appeared in Novae Res Urbis – GTHA, Vol. 20, No. 4, Wednesday, January 25, 2017.”