Stormwater Management Project Updates

Richmond Hill’s extensive stormwater management infrastructure, comprised of stormwater management ponds, sewers, catch basins, culverts, oil-grit separators and other components, allows us to manage runoff from rain and melting snow, helping protect our streams and rivers, prevent flooding and erosion, and improve water quality.
Some Ward 4 Projects of Interest
·        Mill Pond Park – the Stormwater Environmental Assessment for this site is re-commencing and will run concurrently with the Revitalization Master Plan. A Notice of Commencement was released in March, and a Public Open house is scheduled for this coming fall.
·        Don Head East – the Stormwater Pond and Valleyland Rehabilitation Environmental Assessment has commenced. A Notice of Commencement was released in February.
·        The Cedar Springs Stormwater Pond Feasibility Study is underway. Please visit