Smart Commute – Bike To Work Day

Gear up for Bike to Work Day!

 People often ask: what benefits does cycling have on my health and the environment? Cycling is a healthy, affordable and environmentally sustainable form of commuting and is available to nearly everyone. Replacing a few car trips with cycling can also yield significant health results. For example, choosing to cycle an 8 km round trip to work twice a week, results in burning 1,936 calories and 14,248 grams of CO2 emissions saved – just after one month!

Join Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill on Monday, May 29 for our 10th annual Bike to Work Day group ride, where approximately 100 cyclists will ride through the Commerce Valley/Beaver Creek business corridor in Markham and Richmond Hill to experience the benefits of cycling to work. The event will begin at 100 Commerce Valley Drive West and include breakfast, bike safety checks, pre-ride stretching and warm up, and chances to win great prizes – including a new bike! Route details and information are available at

Register by Friday, May 19 at to enter our early bird draw to win a Cineplex movie package for two! Registration closes on May 26 at noon. Show your support for cycling during Bike Month (May 29 – June 30), and you could win more great prizes! For Bike Month contest details, visit