Short Term Rental Report Considered by Council

Council recently considered a staff report that explored how Richmond Hill might address community concerns related to short term rental accommodations in our community. Over the last few years I have received a number of calls from area residents frustrated by the use of neighbouring properties as Short Term Rental Accommodations. These concerns relate to a number of factors including excessive noise and disruption from some Short Term Rental properties.
During the Council deliberations a motion was put forth by Councillor Chan that I seconded. This motion would have directed staff to assemble a package of recommendations that Richmond Hill staff might be able to use to help to regulate Short Term Rentals in our community. I believe the direction this motion would have supplied would provide more certainty around the rules for both renters and community members living in the area of these rentals.
Unfortunately Councillor Chan’s motion was voted down by a majority of Council and instead the decision was made to wait to begin any further action on the issue of regulating Short Term Rentals until a Divisional Court Challenge in Toronto on this subject is complete.
Other municipalities like Vaughan are already taking actions toward Short Term Rentals that I believe we need to explore these options in more detail right away. I will continue to advocate that Richmond Hill needs to provide more leadership on this issue in order to provide more certainty for members of the community.
The full staff report can be found by clicking here.