Richmond Hill wants your input on Zoning By-Laws

Reviewing rules about home-based businesses, sheds and accessory structures, and more
The City of Richmond Hill is launching a series of surveys this spring to seek community feedback as part of a comprehensive review of all Zoning By-laws.
Zoning By-laws affect everyone and all properties in the City. They regulate land use, including where buildings (e.g. houses and offices) and other structures (e.g. sheds and garages) can be located, what size they can be and how they may be used. 
As part of Council’s priority to balance growth and green, the City is working on a Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review of existing By-laws. Once complete, the project will aim to establish one Zoning By-law for the whole City that will implement the Official Plan and provide for a predictable zoning approach for all properties across the City.
Throughout the spring, the City will be launching surveys to seek input from residents and businesses on a variety of topics. The first survey, running from March 18 to April 6, 2021, will seek input with respect to the regulation of residential accessory structures (e.g., sheds, play structures, pergolas, shade structures, cabanas, etc.).
Additional surveys will cover:
·        home-based business uses and regulations;
·        the use of a Zoning By-law, Community Planning Permit System and Minor Variance Criteria;
·        automotive commercial-related businesses;
·        the location of cannabis cultivation and processing facilities;
·        options for aging in place; and,
·        redevelopment in neighbourhoods.
Residents are encouraged to participate and can subscribe to to receive notifications as the surveys become available.
This project is being undertaken concurrently with other related City initiatives, such as the Official Plan Update and the Transportation Master Plan Update to ensure that these plans and their implementation are aligned with each other.