Richmond Hill to Invest $38 Million in the Community

Richmond Hill Council is working to revitalize and update the City’s infrastructure to ensure continued smooth delivery of services to residents without placing additional burden on taxpayers.
After a year of opening modern, cutting-edge community amenities such as the state-of-the-art Oak Ridges library, the expanded Ed Sackfield Arena, redeveloped David Hamilton Park and the 130-metre long Lake Wilcox boardwalk, the City’s 2021 capital budget brings renewed focus to updating essential infrastructure such as roads and watermains as well as improvements to existing facilities. The $38 million capital budget prioritizes the improvement of City assets and infrastructure to support a modern, sustainable municipality.
In addition, Richmond Hill will invest in updating two existing community parks. Design work for the revitalization of Dove Park and Bridgeview Park are included in the 2021 capital budget.
Did you know?
·        the majority of the $38 million budget is funded by non-tax sources, such as Federal gas tax grants, the stormwater rate and development charges.
·        Richmond Hill Council set a maximum of $15 million that could be funded by property tax-supported reserve funds to ensure wise use of all resources available to the City.
·        earlier this year, Richmond Hill Council set a maximum 0.5% municipal property tax increase for the 2021 operating budget, the lowest in more than 15 years.
·        The Capital Budget outlines the financial needs for growth and maintenance of existing infrastructure, such as community centres, fire stations, pools, parks, trails, arenas, roads and sidewalks.
·        Capital project work plans typically span two to four years as they often include multiple stages such as feasibility studies, environment assessments, functional and detailed design and construction. 
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