Richmond Hill to Install Paid Parking for Non-Residents at Lake Wilcox Park

Council approved a plan to address parking issues at Lake Wilcox Park which includes paid parking for non-residents within the four parking lots that serve Lake Wilcox Park, additional wayfinding signage for drivers and pedestrians and restricted parking on nearby residential streets. The Park is one of Richmond Hill’s six destination parks and it attracts visitors from across Richmond Hill and beyond due to its unique combination of beautiful waterfront scenery and family-friendly amenities. These include the waterfront path, splash pad, skate park and beach volleyball courts. The immense popularity of the park has led to parking and traffic safety issues.
Paid parking is expected to launch in July and be in effect each year from April 1 to September 30. All vehicles will require a valid permit while parked within the four parking lots that serve the park: the lot at the splash pad, the north and south lots at the Oak Ridges Community Centre and the north gravel lot.
Once implemented, Richmond Hill residents will be able to obtain a free permit through for the four parking lots. Local-area residents who live on streets with restricted parking will be mailed an on-street parking permit which allows them to park within existing parameters. The new parking program will ensure visitors from outside Richmond Hill contribute to the costs associated with park safety and upkeep.