Richmond Hill Reports 2019 successes in Greening the Hill Strategy

Richmond Hill has a positive history of environmental stewardship and leadership. I have been proud of the work that our community has collectively taken.
Richmond Hill is blessed with a rich natural heritage of green and natural spaces. We are especially fortunate to have a significant part of our community existing on the Oak Ridges Moraine.
With this blessing comes a responsibility to be good stewards of our natural environment. This is not always an easy task given the pressures that our community faces as we grow.
A number of years ago Richmond Hill Council passed our community’s environmental strategy entitled Greening the Hill. Each year our staff reports on the progress of implementing the actions contained in this strategy that make our community more green. To view the Greening the Hill document please visit
At the same Council meeting Council also approved an Urban Forestry Management Plan. This is also an important plan that will guide our actions in enhancing and protecting our urban forest. To view this document please visit
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