Richmond Hill is Advising Residents to be Safe and Stay Off of Frozen Bodies of water

The City of Richmond Hill is advising everyone to stay off of lakes, rivers, ponds and stormwater ponds, as the ice may not be safe.

Even if the weather has been cold, other factors such as water flow, fluctuating water levels and snow on the ice, can contribute to unsafe conditions. In addition, regardless if the ice at the water’s edge seems safe, it can get weaker as you get further out.

Skating is prohibited at all Richmond Hill stormwater ponds and lakes such as, Lake Wilcox and Bond Lake.

If someone falls through the ice, call 9-1-1. Do not put yourself in danger. Throw a flotation device, rope, extension cord, ladder or long pole to hold onto. If they manage to get out, try to dry them off and keep them warm until emergency personnel arrive.

Outdoor skating and recreational opportunities in Richmond Hill 

  • Richmond Green Skate Trail is open for skating. Pre-registration is required. Reservations are available to Richmond Hill residents only.
  • City staff are working on a plan to open Mill Pond later this winter if ice conditions and provincial COVID-19 restrictions permit.
  • The City is also expecting to open outdoor skating rinks at Ozark Park, Rouge Crest Park, Crosby Park and Town Park later this winter if the weather and provincial COVID-19 restrictions permit.

See this Link for more details

  • Residents looking for outdoor recreational opportunities are encouraged to go for a walk in a winter wonderland or try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing at any of the City’s incredible parks and trails.

Visit for details.