Recycling Textiles in Richmond Hill

Like a number of other GTA municipalities, Richmond Hill has begun a process to determine how we can better promote recycling and reuse of textiles. Each year, on average, each of us disposes of 70lbs of fabric and 85% of this material ends up in a landfiill site. Over the years Richmond Hill has reduced the amount of material we send to landfill but the diversion of textiles has not yet been adequately addressed.
I expect that a motion introduced to Council by Councillor Hogg will achieve this goal while also helping to regulate recycling deposit boxes that are too frequently erected on private and Town property and end up not being adequately maintained. As such these roadside boxes are too often left in a messy state and end up being removed by the municipality (at a cost to taxpayers)
Below is the Motion put forward by Local and Regional Councillor Brenda Hogg and seconded by myself.
Member Motion
Subject/Title: Textile Recycling Program – Support for a Richmond Hill Textile Recycling Strategy and Program Submitted by: Regional and Local Councillor Hogg 
Whereas it is estimated that the average Canadian discards approximately 70 lbs. of clothing, shoes, and other household textiles each year; Whereas only about 15% of unwanted household textiles is currently donated for reuse and recycling with 85% ending up in the curbside waste stream and landfills; 
Whereas one of the only available donation options for residents of Richmond Hill is through for-profit textile donation bins often placed without permission throughout Richmond Hill on both public and private property; 
Whereas these for-profit clothing donation bins are a growing property standards issue across the municipality encouraging illegal dumping and complaints from both residents and businesses; 
and Whereas many municipalities are requiring the licensing of textile donation containers, and partnering with legitimate charities to offer an alternative donation and recycling model for their residents; 
Therefore Be It Resolved that Council supports the development of a textile recycling program for the Town of Richmond Hill and, Be It Further Resolved that Council requests all relevant staff departments to coordinate and draft a plan to support this program and that the draft plan be brought to a Committee of the Whole meeting in Q1 2018 and, 
Be It Further Resolved that Council request the Town’s By-law Division to report back to Committee of the Whole with a draft by-law to manage textile recycling containers within the Town of Richmond Hill. 
Moved by: Regional and Local Councillor Hogg 
Seconded by: Councillor West