Press Release – David West Announces Candidacy for Richmond Hill Ward 4

David West loves his community, and 23 years ago he and his wife made a deliberate decision to live here when many other communities were a possibility. He has met many friends and neighbours in Richmond Hill over the years that also made the same conscious decision to live here. Some of these friends and neighbours were born and raised here, but many of them came here from other places in the GTA and even other parts of the world – but they all picked this community to put down roots, raise a family and call Richmond Hill “home”.

West has watched Richmond Hill grow up a lot over the past 35 years. The population has exploded, the face of the community has changed, and even some of the dirt roads that he travelled on his way to Langstaff High school many years ago, like Rutherford Road, have been paved and look completely different than they did in the not so distant past. He has watched this growth and change from a resident’s and business owner’s point of view. He has also watched it as a casual observer and community member, but a long time ago he began to feel that he needed to get involved in his community in a more active manner.

West has been very involved in the Richmond Hill community over the years by participating in:

  • organizations that address the serious issues of domestic violence, youth homelessness, and affordable housing.
  • issues relating to the natural environment, designating recreational lands, and protecting the green spaces and natural areas.
  •  issues of community planning in his work on the Committee of Adjustment, in his work on the Town’s official and strategic plans and through his involvement in two Ontario Municipal Board hearings.
  • in community building through committees like the Cultural Leadership Council, Winter Carnival Committee, Richmond Hill Library Photo Contest, and the Youth Action Committee.
  • business issues through his leadership on the Chamber of Commerce and the downtown Business Improvement Area, various economic development initiatives, and through running his own business, West Photo, for the past 30 years in Richmond Hill.
  • improving health care in our community as a member of the Mackenzie Health (formally York Central Hospital) Foundation.

Through this ongoing community service and involvement West has come to know his community well, and has a good idea of what his fellow citizens need and want from their municipal government. He feels well qualified to provide the leadership to move Richmond Hill through the next 4 years.

West fully realizes that there are things that need to be improved in the community and knows that council needs to recognize where change is needed. He also recognizes that  there are things that are important to Richmond Hill and these need to be preserved.

West is currently the Ward 4 Councilor after being selected by council to fill a vacancy in November 2013. After much encouragement from family, friends and supporters, he has made a decision that he would like to continue to provide sensible and stable leadership in Ward 4 Richmond Hill. On February 26th West filed the appropriate documents to put his name forward as a candidate in the municipal elections in October of this year.

See the full details of West’s campaign platform and resume at . or contact him at 416-346-3090.