Powell Street and Wright Street Reconstruction

The scope of this project includes reconstruction of the road to urban standards with new asphalt pavement, curbs, gutters, sidewalk and storm sewers, watermain replacement, sanitary sewer repairs and streetlight improvements. Construction is scheduled to begin shortly and be completed by the end of Summer 2021.
Impact on Local Residents Traffic: Roads will remain open to vehicular and pedestrian traffic during construction. Temporary traffic diversions and driveway access restrictions will be required at times to allow construction to be undertaken in a safe and efficient manner.
Water service: There will be scheduled water service disruptions for the watermain construction. You will receive advanced written notification prior to the driveway access or water service disruptions. Project Location: Powell Street and Wright Street Reconstruction from Mill Street to Hall Street.
Existing ditches: As part of the road reconstruction to urban standards, the existing ditches will be filled in. All existing private drain pipes (i.e. sump pump drains or roof leaders) that currently discharge to the existing ditch shall be disconnected, modified to discharge to the lawn and drain overland within private property by the homeowner.
Private assets on City-owned boulevard: Private gardens and underground systems (e.g. lawn sprinklers and heated driveways) that are located within the City-owned boulevard or property may be impacted by the proposed construction work. The City will not be responsible for any damages to the privately owned items that are within the City-owned boulevard or property.
Driveways: A portion of the existing driveways will need to be re-graded to match the new road grade and will be restored to original conditions. City’s contractor will be restoring the driveways to the limits established under the contract.
Sod: Boulevard areas that are disturbed during construction will be sodded. The contractor will be responsible for the initial watering. In order to promote healthy turf, we ask for your cooperation in maintaining and watering the sodded areas after they have been established.