Pledges for Change

Volunteer Salute – Brennan Wong

I met Brennan a couple of weeks back and like I feel about many young people, I was amazed by his enthusiasm and his passion for helping people. With Young people like Brennan in our community – we are in good hands. Below is an initiative that Brennan has decided to undertake and described in his own words..

Pledges for Change is a youth-led, non-profit organization and movement that aims to engage and empower people across Canada and around the world to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our dream is to inspire people to commit to taking one action in support of a featured local cause every month. For each actionable idea pledged, a dollar from the organization will be donated to a charity in support of the featured cause.

The idea behind Pledges for Change came from my volunteering experience in Ecuador with Me to We in the summer of 2012.  Although my volunteer group fell short of its goal of building a new school during our stay due to inclement weather, our passion inspired the local community to come forward and pledge their support by calling a “minga”. In Ecuador, “minga” is the coming together of the community for its betterment.  All the community members contribute to a common project and people will come from miles around to help even though they may not benefit directly from the effort.  The common good is the overriding objective. The project we had started was ultimately completed by the community members who had taken this one action to participate in the “minga”, giving future generations the opportunity of education and becoming leaders in their community.


Born out of a dream, Pledges for Change has inspired hundreds of individuals, and we are looking to empower hundreds more this year to take action and change the world. Visit for more information and how you can get involved!