Planning Application received for 10684 and 10692 Yonge Street

Richmond Hill Planning staff has received an application for 10684 and 10692 Yonge Street (on Yonge St. between Oxford St. and Elgin Mills Rd.) proposing a 28 storey apartment building on the subject lands with a residential density measured by Floor Space index of 4.15.
The Official Plan for this land allows for a maximum of 15 storeys and a Floor Space index of 2 so the application as proposed, significantly exceeds the limits set out in the Official Plan.
I share a number of concerns with area residents about this proposed development. The limits set out in the Official Plan are important to respect in any application. These limits guide development in a given area but they also ensure that both local neighbourhoods and the wider community are protected by ensuring roads and other infrastructure in the wider area function properly.
The process moving forward will include a thorough analysis of the application by our Planning and Transportation Engineering staff as well as an opportunity for the residents of the area to make their views known to Council as well as myself.
A Council Public Meeting where the public would be formally invited to provide comment to all of Council regarding the application has not yet been set but it is expected that the meeting may be called in the early fall. At that time I would very much encourage everyone to make their views known to Council by speaking at the meeting and/or writing your thoughts to the Clerk at so that all of Council can be aware of your concerns. 
After the Council Public Meeting all comments from the public and from members of Council will be given back to our Planning Staff for their analysis along with all the details of the proposed development. A staff report and recommendation to Council will then be presented at a future Council meeting where Council will make a decision to approve the proposal or deny it.
It would be my hope and expectation that a significantly modified and more appropriate application that respects the Official Plan may be able to be negotiated with the applicant instead of this current one. 
Please feel free to each out to me if you have any questions or comments.