Operating Budget Passes

Council recently approved Richmond Hill’s draft 2020 operating budget, representing a less than one per cent tax increase. Richmond Hill achieved the low property tax increase in the draft 2020 operating budget while finding efficiencies through process improvements, reorganization, technology updates and increased revenue through user fees.
Overall I was pleased that Council was able to work together to find savings. The portion of your tax that is paid to Richmond Hill is about 25% of the total tax bill. Approximately 50% of the tax paid goes to the Region of York and approximately 25% of the total is paid to the school board.
I remain concerned that 4 firefighters that were approved (but not hired) in 2019 were removed from the 2020 Operating Budget and I was also disappointed that Council decided to completely cut the Community Pages in the Liberal Newspaper rather than the compromise I presented that would have seen a reduction in the cost of this weekly advertisement.
An article appeared in the Liberal newspaper. Click here to read.