October in our Community

As anyone who lives in the GTA knows we are experiencing a high rate of growth in all of our communities. If you live in Richmond Hill you also know that we have a really outstanding community. In fact Richmond Hill lately seems to be included on a lot of “top 10” lists that show us in the top spots in terms of various aspects of quality of life, doing business etc. It is not surprising because so many people see our community as a desirable place to live. We have seen significant increases in housing prices in Richmond Hill and this is reflective of this demand.

Consequently, it is not surprising that our Planning Staff seem to be receiving a high number of applications for development. It has been a particularly busy month in this regard, in Ward 4, with an application at 107 Hall Street, another at 71 Regent Street, and another at Brookside Drive and Yonge St., all coming to council in one stage of the planning process or another, for council and the public input. It is a real challenge for staff and Council to maintain a balance between the needs of the community, the requirements dictated by the province for growth, and all of the relevant policies and plans that we have in place in our town that work to shape the kind of community we envision, now and in the future. We all want to continue to make Richmond Hill a great place to live and I appreciate that our community continues to be involved in this process. I have had a number of Resident’s meetings and other events like my BBQ, in August, over the past few years and input has always been generously given by residents of Ward 4.

I wish you a great fall, and hope that you and your family can take some time to enjoy the recreational spaces and opportunities that Richmond Hill has to offer. It is a truly beautiful and uniquely Canadian time of the year where mother nature seems to show her beauty in a unique and vibrant way, before she falls into a long winter’s nap.

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. I always appreciate hearing from you regarding any issue in the town. It is through this collaboration that we all make our community the vibrant and active place that it is! Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email at any time. My email address is [email protected], my cell number is 416-346-3090 and my office number is 905-771-2480.

I also have a website (www.davidwest-richmondhill.ca) that hosts information and articles from past newsletters.

David West
Ward 4 Councillor Richmond Hill

Banner Photo – One of Mother Nature’s finest works – a tree in Ward 4 that is an over achiever in the fall each year!