November in Richmond Hill

It has been a busy fall. I have hosted two Residents’ Meetings regarding development applications in Ward 4 and we have a third meeting scheduled for the end of this month. The type of infill development that all three of these applications represent presents a real challenge for residents and staff because, as I said at a recent Council Public Meeting, infill needs to fit “in the spaces in between” in an already established neighbourhood. This is a challenge and we need to get it right before any approvals are granted.
I appreciate the outstanding community engagement that I have witnessed during these meetings and I am proud that Ward 4 residents clearly care and feel passionately about the community in which we live.
November also offers us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the sacrifices that were made during the course of several wars. These sacrifices were made in the past so we could have the kind of community that we have in Richmond Hill today. I know that as we lead our busy lives,  we might sometimes take the freedom, liberty and opportunity, that we enjoy in Richmond Hill, for granted. The importance and gravity of these sacrifices are always brought back firmly to me as I attend Remembrance Day ceremonies in Richmond Hill. As always, it is a poignant and important reminder to be thankful for the supreme sacrifices that thousands of Canadians made for our communities. Many of these people we have never met – yet when the time came to courageously step up for their country they did so.
There are many names of Richmond Hill residents inscribed in our Cenotaph. These men and women served and died for us in past world wars. There is also a name that is not inscribed in the cenotaph – Matthew Dinning, who served and died in Afganistan in more recent years (2006). In 2008, Richmond Hill named a park after Corporal Dinning. This park is located on the north side of Kerrybrook Drive (#328) and contains a beautiful sculpture honouring this Richmond Hill hero. His grandparents were one of many who laid a wreath during this year’s remembrance day services honouring our heros. To all veterans and their families – thank you!
I hesitate to even bring this subject up, but in case you, like me, are in a state of denial about the coming of winter, I wanted to point to a good source of winter information. Our town website has a section devoted to winter maintenance. Please click here to learn more.
Finally, as the daylight part of our days grow shorter I wanted to wish all my friends of the Hindu faith a Happy Diwali. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. I think, no matter what your faith, this is a good festival to celebrate at this time of year.
I hope you find the information contained in this newsletter useful and I hope that you will feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions, kudos or concerns.
My email address is [email protected], my cell number is 416-346-3090 and my office number is 905-771-2480.
David West
Ward 4 Councillor Richmond Hill
PS – The banner photos were all taken at our Cenotaph on Yonge St during the Remembrance Services co hosted by our Royal Canadian Legion and the Town of Richmond Hill.