Notice of Temporary Road Closure HARRIS AVENUE From Grange Drive/Settlement Crescent east to Yonge Street

Metropole Developments Inc. has requested a road closure of Harris Avenue from 41m East of Grange Drive/Settlement Crescent to Yonge Street between July 5 to August 31, 2021.
The requested closure is necessary as part of development of lands owned by Metropole Developments Inc. known as 0, 40 and 60 Harris Avenue (File D06-14105) and 25, 45 and 61 Harris Avenue (File D06- 17039). This closure is necessary to allow the construction of new municipal sewers, watermain and road reconstruction within the Harris Avenue road allowance through Servicing Agreement (File L03-19004) and Site Alteration Permit (SA-2019-088). The closure is recommended to expedite the construction of municipal services and to provide a greater degree of safety to both the general public and contractors during the construction period.
The Developer’s Consulting Engineer has provided an acceptable Traffic Control and Detour Plan and will be posting required signage indicating the dates of the road closure. All efforts will be employed to minimize inconvenience to the public during this time. All emergency services, parking enforcement, schools, and transit services will be notified of this closure.