Monarch Butterfly Crusader Carol Pasternak speaks about Monarch Conservation

I recently was invited to represent Richmond Hill in a Zoom meeting that Monarch Butterfly Crusader and monarch book author Carol Pasternak hosted. The meeting was about Carol’s work with monarch butterflies and also about her book How to Raise Monarch Butterflies A Step by Step Guide for Kids (to view the video of this meeting visit
There were attendees on this meeting from all over North America. Carol asked me to talk about the successes that Richmond Hill has had in protecting monarch butterflies since passing the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, and also in protecting pollinating insects since Richmond Hill Council passed the Bee City Pledge. I was proud to share our community’s successes with others from across North America.
On a related note, I will be hosting the 2nd annual Councillor West Monarch Butterfly Tagging Challenge in the summer and Carol’s book is a “go to” source of information for participants on how to raise and tag monarch butterflies. For more information on Carol’s book visit
Stay tuned for more details about the 2nd Annual Councillor West Monarch Tagging.