Mill Pond Splash 2018

We celebrated the 20th Mill Pond Splash Eco Festival and the Kids Run for Nature on Sunday June 3. It was a beautiful day to be at Mill Pond Park and celebrate our natural environment as well as the present and past importance of water in that environment. The Don River begins very close to the Mill Pond so it is the perfect location for the Splash.
While Mill Pond Park is known today as a beautiful park, it is interesting to note that in the mid to late 1800’s the Mill Pond and Don River were the centre of Richmond Hill’s industry. The Mill Pond housed a saw mill, with a number of other mills downstream. They were all in this location to take advantage of the power available from the running water in the river. It is also interesting, in the not very distant past, that the Mill Pond represented an important municipal water source for our community.
Today the Mill Pond is a jewell of our park system in Richmond Hill but the importance of water remains the constant throughout all of these changes. It was, and still is, important for us to protect this resource for the future!