Mill Pond Park Stormwater Environmental Assessment and Park Revitalization Master Plan

The Mill Pond Park is one of the jewels of Richmond Hill. It has been an important part of our community since before the Village of Richmond Hill was even formalized back in the early 1800’s. The park and the waterway provided some of our first “employment lands” with the mills and other economic activity that took place around this part of the East Don River. Today the park is a very important part of our community from an environmental point of view and from a parks and recreation point of view. 
Richmond Hill Parks staff are currently conducting a study and soliciting input on the future of this important public space and we would like you to let us know what you think.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the first survey to help us plan for Mill Pond Park. A Virtual Public Open House pre-recorded presentation will be available for viewing to provide members of the public with an opportunity to learn about the study findings, to review the preliminary preferred solutions and provide comments.
Watch the presentation and take the survey! Tell us what you think of the proposed options for the revitalization of Mill Pond Park.
An approximately 25 minute pre-recorded presentation will be made available on the project’s webpage for viewing from September 27, 2021 until October 15, 2021.
The presentation will provide:
1. Introduction on the two project components
2. Overview of study findings
3. Summary of the preliminary proposed solutions
After viewing the presentation, please fill out the online survey at the webpage below to provide your input and thoughts on the preliminary proposed solutions.
Link to presentation and survey: 
For more information and to read the notice in its entirety please click here.