Mill Pond Park Master Plan Website Launch

The Mill Pond is a Richmond Hill treasure. It has always been a focal point in our community ever since Richmond Hill was founded.
In the early days of Richmond Hill the Mill Pond was the centre of industry providing power for mills in the area and even provided drinking water for our community.
Today, many residents now enjoy the Mill Pond as a park, a place to gather, be with nature, and celebrate as a community. Summer Concerts in the Park, skating on the Mill Pond and the Richmond Hill Winter Carnival in the winter, and walks along the paths continue to be a valued past time that the Mill Pond Park provides for our community.
Over the coming years there will be work that will need to be done to maintain and enhance this park. Given how important this park is to our community it is important that any work we do to enhance the park is done well and planned well.
Part of this work will be the rehabilitation of the Pond itself. Over the years the Pond has silted in and as a result its dismissed ecological and storm water capacity needs to be addressed. An Environmental Assessment for this future work has begun. In addition Richmond Hill’s Parks Planning Staff and myself will undertake a process that will determine, with the help of the community, the future vision for the Mill Pond Park. The very important part of this public process will begin officially in the Fall of 2021. To learn more about this upcoming process and the proposed scope of work visit