Member Motion – Controlling Traffic on Local Streets

Traffic issues on local roads are the single most frequent concern that I receive from residents. As Richmond Hill has grown over the past 7 years the frequency of these concerns has also grown. I think it is very important that our Traffic Engineering Staff be supplied with the tools, policies, and procedures that are up to date and available to reactively but also proactively respond to traffic related concerns.
To respond to this need I presented the following motion to Richmond Hill Council in October and it was passed this month.
To view the Traffic Safety in Richmond Hill Staff Report SRPI.20.037 please click here.
Councillor West Member
Controlling Motion Traffic on Local Streets
Whereas traffic safety is an important issue in all Greater Toronto Area (GTA) communities including Richmond Hill;
Whereas Richmond Hill’s population is growing and with this growth comes a commensurate increase in traffic volumes, it is therefore very important that municipalities like Richmond Hill are able to manage these increased volumes and respond to traffic issues when they arise over time;
Whereas there has been a noticeable increase in traffic related concerns from residents in the recent past, and especially during the current COVID-19 shut down period;
Whereas to address these increases in traffic concerns, Richmond Hill traffic staff and Council must be properly resourced to deal with the issues and meet the expectations of our residents;
Now Therefore Be It Resolved:
That Council send a letter to the Ministry of the Attorney General and to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario to expedite the permissions from the Province that need to urgently be put in place to allow the revenue from photo radar devices placed in school zones to be a part of the municipal Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) program so that the cost of this program will not be prohibitive to local municipalities like it currently is;
That the Traffic Safety Supervisor position that is already approved in a previous budget be hired immediately.
That as soon as this position is filled, Council direct staff to complete the long scheduled but not yet started, Traffic Operations Study which will bring forward sound and updated policies to expand and guide the range of traffic safety, traffic management and traffic calming measures that can be used as appropriate, and when necessary, to better control traffic on municipal roads.