Mayor’s Monarch Pledge Update

There have been a number of sitings of Monarch butterflies in York Region lately. These butterflies are the children of the ones that left our area last fall. Their parents would have overwintered in Mexico, and left in the spring to lay eggs in the southern USA. Their offspring are now living in Richmond Hill and beyond. It has been reported that the winter migration went well and that we can hopefully see some recovery in the number of Monarch Butterflies in our area this summer.

Richmond Hill signed the Mayor’s Monarch Pldge last year. This pedge commits Richmond Hill to take 9 concrete steps to help this iconic species. The efforts of Richmond Hill and the other 5 Canadian Signatories of the Pledge will make a difference. I am pleased that The Region of York has signed the pledge ( and it is my understanding that Richmond Hill’s leadership played a role in this decision. I have reached out to Vaughan and Aurora and encouraged them to sign on to the pledge. I am also pleased that Markham is a recent signatory of this pledge.

Below is a video explaining what you can do to help pollinators and Monarch Butterflies. A good part of this video was shot during the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge Conference I attended in March. To view the video visit