The Last Weekend and Thank You!

We are in the final weekend of the election campaign. It has been a long run! I have had the pleasure of knocking on many thousands of doors, and through this process, have had countless great conversations with many residents. While I had a good understanding of my community before this all stated, these conversations have really helped to solidify my grasp of the things that make Richmond Hill great, and the things that we need to change to keep it great. Also, as a result of these conversations, I have been able to tweak and modify my original election platform to better represent our needs and priorities as a community.

For many years as an active community volunteer and a councillor, I have had a deep appreciation for serving my fellow residents, but today this passion has increased. I am grateful for having the opportunity to go through the election process. I wanted to thank the many people who have volunteered on my campaign team, my family, many friends and supporters who have donated time or money to my campaign, and the many strangers who have wished me luck and provided words of encouragement along the way.

I am proud of our campaign – we have operated with positivity, honesty, character and passion. I believe that this is what the voters of Richmond Hill are looking for.

I would also like to congratulate all of the candidates that put their names forward during this election. In the last election, Richmond Hill had one of the lowest voter turnouts in the GTA, but from looking at the Advance Poll turnout numbers, it would appear that this trend is turning around in 2014. It is a courageous thing to stand for election and to engage the public in Municipal issues, but with more community engagement comes a stronger community. I am pleased that one of the results of this election may very well be a more engaged electorate and a stronger Richmond Hill as a result.