Keeping City Infrastructure Reliable for years to come

Asset Management Plan guides effective, efficient maintenance and repair
Richmond Hill Council has endorsed the 2021 Asset Management Plan, further delivering on its priority of fiscal responsibility through the responsible management of City infrastructure and assets.
Guided by the Asset Management Plan, City staff track, manage and optimize the quality and reliability of its infrastructure assets, which in turn deliver crucial services to the community. The plan outlines the City’s approaches for the efficient and cost-effective maintenance of City roadways, sidewalks, bridges, recreational facilities, watermain pipes, stormwater management ponds, and sanitary and storm sewers to ensure our community stays safe and services are maintained. The plan also takes into consideration changing demographic trends, growth and the City’s Climate Change Framework.
While required under provincial regulation to be completed by July 1, 2022, the City completed the Asset Management Plan in-house a full year ahead of schedule. The Asset Management Plan was developed using an award-winning, web-based system created by City staff, which helps identify when assets will require maintenance to ensure minimal service disruption to residents.
Residents can learn more about the condition of City-owned assets and how we plan to manage them in the future, by visiting