January Council News

1. Possible Richmond Green Recreation Facility Additions

On January 12th Council had a discussion with our staff regarding some possible future additions to the recreation facilities at Richmond Green. Ideas relating to adding another much needed ice pad to the Tom Graham Area, and also the possibility of adding indoor soccer and tennis facilities were discussed. Preliminary costs associated with any and all parts of this potential project were presented to council at that time. This discussion arose out of some present and future recreation needs for our community, as identified in our new Recreation Plan.


2. Town of Richmond Hill Operating Budget

On Tuesday, January 27th at 1PM, Council will embark on the first of several meetings to discuss the new Operating Budget for the Town. This budget represents an important component of the operation and service levels offered to our residents. The public is invited and welcome to attend any of these meetings. In addition, members of council and staff will be meeting with the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce this week and will have a booth at Hillcrest Mall on Saturday to engage residents and stakeholders in this important undertaking.


3. Revised Design for Proposed Duke North Park

As reported in the last newsletter, we had another meeting with interested residents regarding the new Duke North Park to be located near Alpaca Drive and Tower Hill Road. Residents communicated a number of issues to staff and myself and we have been able to incorporate many of these ideas into a revised design that will better serve the present and future residents of this area and beyond. More information on this project can be found here.


I have tried to keep items in this section brief, but if you would like more information on any topic please do not hesitate to contact me for more detailed information – email me at [email protected].