Invitation to an IMPORTANT COMMUNITY MEETING in Richmond Hill

At the December 2nd Council Public Meeting residents were invited to comment on changes mandated by the Provincial Government that compel municipalities to allow zoning permissions for secondary suites (basement apartments etc.) in residential areas.
This change would expand the availability of more forms of affordable housing and is in keeping with the general principals of Richmond Hill’s wider strategy of increasing housing that is affordable to more people.
I am quite interested in hearing from the public on this issue because I believe this is an idea that has potential to benefit our community. However to realize this potential we must also take the opportunity to get the details right and community input is important to getting this right.
Richmond Hill is launching the public phase of its Official Plan Update called City Plan 2041. The Official Plan is a foundational plan for the community. All aspects of Richmond Hill will be touched by this plan. When complete, the plan will include changes to policies and land-use planning maps (previously approved in the Official Plan) and will guide future public and private sector development. 
As such we need our residents and businesses to get involved in City Plan 2041. Your ideas can help shape new policies and decisions on how we can best accommodate the coming growth in our city while respecting our history and protecting our natural environment. I invite everyone to join us at the virtual open house to learn more and get engaged.
As was said above the Official Plan is a comprehensive plan for any municipality and in Richmond Hill will touch on a number of issues that require careful consideration. Among these issues are those that I have particular concerns that relate to potential height and density increases in existing intensification areas, a proposal that will be discussed to ask the province to open up protected Oak Ridges Moraine Countryside lands in the Gormley area, and also potential new height and density permissions as far north in Richmond Hill as Oak Ridges, and also on Major Mackenzie Dr West where significant density is currently not allowed under the 2010 OP. I have particular concerns in these areas and it is important that we hear from residents on those issues and many others.
Beginning at the February meeting and throughout the coming year, residents and business owners are invited to share their thoughts on the proposed vision for our city. From housing and climate change to transportation and employment and more, the community will have opportunities to provide input on a variety of topics and help guide our future to ensure a vibrant, complete community that serves the future needs of all.
You’re invited to the City Plan 2041 Virtual Open House
Date: Thursday, February 18, 2021
Time: 6:30 – 8 p.m.
At this meeting you will be able to 
·    Hear from renowned award-winning visionary urban planner, David Dixon, about Richmond Hill’s exciting potential and balancing growth and green in our city
·    Learn more about the proposed vision for our city
·    Ask your questions about planning for the future in Richmond Hill
Residents are encouraged to watch for additional consultation opportunities later this month and can subscribe to for updates.