Implementation of Greening the Hill – Our Environmental Strategy

Greening the Hill

The Town of Richmond Hill and its community are strongly committed to protecting its environment. Over the past decade, while environmental issues such as climate change were considered largely global concerns the tangible effects of environmental degradation such as severe weather patterns, flooding, drought, deforestation, rising food prices, smog and invasive pests have become all too real at the local level, affecting quality of life for our residents. Federal and provincial governments have been tackling these issues with cross-boundary agreements, industry targets and regulatory programs. Local governments have an equally significant role to play given their dual role as both a corporate business and a developer of public policy. These roles directly influence Town operations, as well as the community; through them the Town has an opportunity to protect the environment and adapt to new conditions. Richmond Hill’s Environmental Policy outlines the Town’s vision and commitments to achieving a more environmentally sustainable community. This same vision and commitments are reflected throughout Richmond Hill’s Environment Strategy and its Environmental Management System.

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