Hello from the West Residence during Social Distancing during COVID-19 in Richmond Hill!

We are most certainly now fully immersed in a very difficult time in our community, country, and world. On top of all of that we also find ourselves in fairly uncharted waters as we move through the crisis. During this time, more than ever, we need to be relying on factual information and well thought out advice from our experts regarding COVID-19. This is also a time where we all have a very meaningful and crucially important role to play to help ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbours, and friends as we navigate through these difficult times.

On that note I wanted to point out several sources of important information (the good news for anyone in self isolation is these links will give you plenty of reading material to help you pass the time). The following links provide information and/or further links to additional information, about COVID-19. Most of these webpages are being updated regularly as the COVID-19 situation evolves and changes.


From the home page you can access information about Richmond Hill’s response to the COVID-19 situation as well as information on municipal closures, program modifications, and where to get answers to municipal questions. There is also a link on this page to resources that businesses can access to help get through this very difficult economic time. To access this info visit https://www.richmondhill.ca/en/help-for-businesses.aspx


This website provides information about York Region’s response to COVID-19 and is also a key resource for information coming from our York Region Public Health Department. On the home page click the COVID-19 link to access a wealth of information and resources about the virus. This information also includes instructions about when you need to self-isolate, and where/when/if you should get tested for this virus if you are in fact showing symptoms of COVID-19.


This website includes the latest news and response from the provincial government on COVID-19. This information is updated on a regular basis and includes announcements made by Premiere Ford.


This website includes information pertaining to our national response to COVID-19 and also includes details regarding announcements about economic assistance for individuals and business that have been so far made by Prime Minister Trudeau.

Finally I wanted to stress the importance of a number of specific actions that we can all take to help curb this virus.

  1. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Apparently you are supposed to sing Happy Birthday twice during the washing process. If you are a good singer, sing out loud if you are not (like me) sing it inside your head!
  2. Practice Social Distancing and do not interact with others unless it is necessary. Also if you are returning from travel follow the instructions on self isolation as outlined in the websites above. These actions help to slow the spread of the virus and, in the end this helps all of us!

Help your neighbours! If we all assist our elderly neighbours or those that are self isolating to get groceries, or necessities like prescriptions it would make a positive difference. Richmond Hill is a caring community full of kind and compassionate people – we already knew that – but this is the time to reach out to those neighbours in need to show you are willing to lend your assistance. I have heard from many citizens already that are prepared to help out, and there is also a Facebook Group that has just begun (go to Facebook and search Richmond Hill Good Neighbours or visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/RHGoodNeighbours/ ) and is designed to offer neighbourly assistance to those who need it.

This is an unprecedented time in Richmond Hill’s history and it looks like the situation will continue for some time. It is important that we all know the facts and that we all be willing and able to participate in a positive way to create the best outcome that we can for our community.

If you have questions about municipal services during this time please feel free to contact Access Richmond Hill (which is fully operational (although in most cases the staff are working from home remotely) at this time) at 905-771-8800 or email at access@richmondhill.ca.

I will continue to use social media, my e newsletter (if you would like to receive it please send an email to david.west@richmondhill.ca), and my website (davidwest-richmondhill.ca), to keep residents informed as we move through this situation. However, always please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay well!