Happy Family Day

When February arrives spring can’t be far beyond the distant horizon. The days get a bit longer and warmer, and the snow starts to yield just a little. This coming spring will be a welcome change to the large amount of snow that we have been “enjoying” lately.
The ice storm clean up in Ward 4 is progressing well. Thank you to all the staff and contractors who have worked long hours to clean up our town. We are not finished by any means – but we are getting there.
Most residents, by now have had ice storm debris that was piled by the road, removed by the town. There are still branches buried under the snow and these will become evident as the snow melts. As we move toward spring we will announce another “sweep” of the ward with the chipper trucks. During this sweep all remaining branches will be removed. Stay tuned for dates and details of this second round.
The even larger clean up and restoration task will start in the spring as forestry crews begin to prune damaged branches and remove trees that are beyond repair. Staff will also begin the process of replanting new trees to replace ruined trees. This process will take considerable time as we had over 5000 municipal trees damaged in this storm. The work will begin in the spring, extend into the summer, and may continue for a year or more before all trees can be attended to. Your patience is appreciated as we continue the clean up and restoration efforts.
As always, I am happy to hear from residents if they have concerns, comments or kudos, so please feel free to contact me anytime – and let us all roll out the welcome mat for spring to arrive!
David West
Richmond Hill Ward 4 Councillor
PS. The photo above is Twickenham Park (near Canyon Hill and Bathurst). One of my favourite parks in Richmond Hill. An absolutely beautiful mature hardwood forest.