Ford Government Proposal to Weaken Conservation Authorities Mandate

I am very concerned about the Ford Government’s plans to change the powers and mandate of Conservation Authorities in Ontario regarding Planning Applications in wetland and flood prone areas. There are many such environmentally sensitive areas in Richmond Hill so the proposal is of particular importance for our community.
I have always felt confident that the input myself and Council receives from the Toronto Region Conservation Authority related to planning matters near wetlands and flood plains was based on sound and well researched science, but also based on considering the impact that a development application may have on the watershed as a whole, not just on the site specific area.
Watersheds are what TRCA and other conservation authorities look after and they have been performing that task well since Hurricane Hazel in the 1950’s! The impact that a development has on a site or on a specific creek can have an impact all the way across the watershed and over several municipalities.
If anything, as we grow as a community, we need stronger Conservation Authorities, not weaker. This proposed change would make Conservation Authorities weaker – this is not acceptable as we are trying to build more environmentally sustainable and resilient communities!
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