First Annual Richmond Hill Blooms Awards

We recently completed the awards presentations honouring excellent Front Gardens in our Town. A first, second and third place garden was picked in each ward by an expert panel of judges from the Richmond Hill Horticultural Society. Richmond Hill Blooms is a new program in Richmond Hill that replaces the old Front Garden Recognition program that we have done in the past.
In the early summer, many residents in our Town received a lawn sign recognizing their great gardens, and 3 of these gardens were picked for awards in each ward. As I would have expected, the gardens in Ward 4 were great, but the three winning gardens were stunning. I am proud of this “friendly” competition – I think promoting beautiful front yard gardens benefits us all. Below is an email that myself and our staff received from a Ward 4 resident after the gala. Clearly I am not the only one who appreciated the efforts of our staff who were responsible for Richmond Hill Blooms…
“I was one of the residents who attended the inaugural Richmond Hill Blooms event this evening and I just wanted to to say to you, and everyone involved in putting the evening together, that it was a wonderful celebration of the remarkable achievements of our local front yard gardeners.  I am a big believer in the power of community and I think the Richmond Hill Blooms program is a great example of this.  Kudos to you and everyone involved in putting this together.  I thought bringing in Ed Lawrence was a stroke of genius (even though he completely went off topic… my Monday’s aren’t complete until I’ve listened to him on the CBC and his ability to start down one stream and end up somewhere completely different, while having both entertained and informed us,  is definitely part of his endearing charm ). Congratulations again to all and thanks for putting in all the hard work that I know goes into making this type of event happen!”
Keynote speaker Ed Lawrence spoke to the crowd about Organic Pest Control. Mr. Lawrence can be heard heard every week on CBC Radio 1 during the gardening segment of Ontario Today.