Expanded Permissions for Additional Residential Units (Secondary Suites)

At the December 2nd Council Public Meeting residents were invited to comment on changes mandated by the Provincial Government that compel municipalities to allow zoning permissions for secondary suites (basement apartments etc.) in residential areas.
This change would expand the availability of more forms of affordable housing and is in keeping with the general principals of Richmond Hill’s wider strategy of increasing housing that is affordable to more people.
I am quite interested in hearing from the public on this issue because I believe this is an idea that has potential to benefit our community. However to realize this potential we must also take the opportunity to get the details right and community input is important to getting this right.
The number of members of the public that participated in this meeting was surprisingly low and I am concerned about that. No decisions were made at this Public Meeting so there is still an opportunity for residents to provide comment, including a survey that can be found at