Emerald Ash Borer Strategy Update

Ash Tree Removals 

  • This past winter, our contractors removed 3121 ash trees that were dead or dying due to EAB damage – 1483 from boulevards (streets), 382 from manicured areas in parks and 1256 in natural woodlots.
  • All remaining ash trees on streets will be re-assessed for damage this June. Trees with the most significant damage at the time of assessment will be removed in late fall 2017/early winter 2018.
  • Hazardous ash trees in parks and natural areas will be removed over the next 2 years as per the Parks & Open Space Hazard Ash Tree Removal and Replacement Plan.
  • In some forested areas, ash tree logs and branches will be left on the forest floor after being cut down. This is because woody debris and fallen logs are an important part of a healthy forest eco-system, recycling nutrients back into the environment and providing habitat for plants and animals.


  • Trees that were removed this winter will be replaced this year. Replanting will begin in parks at the end of May and on streets this fall.
  • A map showing replanting locations can be found at RichmondHill.ca/ EAB.

Pesticide Treatment

  • Trees that were treated with pesticide in 2015 and are deemed healthy enough will be treated again this summer.


Public Notification

A notice in the form of a door hanger will be provided to residents whose property is adjacent to Town-owned trees that are scheduled for maintenance (pesticide treatment, removal, stumping or replacement).