Elgin Mills Greenway Report


Council received an update on the recommended solution for the Elgin Mills Greenway Restoration Project. Extreme storm events and high-flowing water through the Elgin Mills Greenway in 2013 and 2014 caused severe erosion in the creek channel resulting in a partially collapsed trail and structurally unsound pedestrian bridge. To ensure the safety of residents, a temporary wood chip trail was constructed to redirect pedestrian traffic around the damaged area. To create a permanent solution, the Town undertook an Environmental Assessment Study to assess restoration options for the damaged infrastructure, open space area and the Elgin West stormwater management pond. A preferred solution was chosen after extensive investigation into the natural, social, technical and economic factors influencing the area. The preferred solution consists of: relocating the stormwater management pond to the north end of the Elgin Mills Greenway at Shaftsbury Avenue; constructing a small, dry retention pond near the existing stormwater management pond; adding an oil-grit separator to the existing storm sewer system at Larratt Lane to improve the quality of the water entering the stream; restoring the existing stormwater management pond to a natural wetland; and, incorporating new and existing trails and lookouts into the design. Work is expected to begin during the summer of 2017. The Elgin Mills Greenway is a Town-owned parcel of open space near Twickenham Park just south of Shaftsbury Avenue, between St. Theresa of Lisieux School and the Elgin West Community Centre.

For more information, visit RichmondHill.ca/ElginGreenway.