Elgin Mills Greenway Invasive Species Management

As part of the post construction maintenance of the stormwater management facility in the Elgin Mills Greenway (see map above) some of the areas within the facility will undergo invasive species management. This work is taking place to ensure the newly planted areas have a chance to establish over the long term.
Restoration work is being completed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), working on behalf of the City and will include:
•Removal and treatment of invasive plants that are degrading the health of the woodland (2021 to 2022)
•Tree planting (2023)
•Monitoring (2021-2024)
Beginning in April this year and then again in the fall, invasive species dominating some of the green space areas around the ponds will be removed and the area will be treated with herbicides in an effort to reduce populations and promote the growth of newly planted trees and shrubs.
This work is necessary in order to ensure the invasive plants don’t continue to spread and impact native trees and shrubs planted in the areas. For updates, please visit www.RichmondHill.ca/ElginGreenway.