Downtown Secondary Plan Council Public Meeting Report

On February 3rd Council and Planning Staff hosted a very well attended Council Public Meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the proposed Downtown Secondary Plan. This plan is the final step in a planning process that will lead to an amendment to our Official Plan for this specific area. The Plan is built on a number of studies completed over the years, relating to traffic, municipal services, heritage preservation and various aspects of planning and design. These foundational studies are important as we set up a specific plan for revitalization of our Historic Village Core area.
The Secondary Plan, when approved, will act as a detailed roadmap informing what we expect to see happen in the Village Core, in order to create an enlivened and revitalized district. Some of these tasks may be the responsibility of the town, but many of them will be the responsibility of private landowners, landlords, and business owners in the Village Core. We all have a stake in revitalizing this area which is why we are currently seeking public input on the proposed Secondary Plan.
Below are links to several documents related to this topic. I would be happy to hear from anyone who has comments, kudos or concerns with the proposed plan.
I have heard many times from residents that our Village Core is an important part of our town and it is really important that we have a plan that will help to deliver an area that will bring value to  our community.
Resources for further Information on the Downtown Secondary Plan
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Archived video of the meeting click here and then go to the February 3rd meeting and click the video link on the right side of the screen
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