Councillor Highlights

1.  Richmond Hill Celebrates Culture days – September 27-29, 2019

Arts and Culture is an important foundation for a vibrant community like Richmond Hill. A number of years ago Council passed a Culture Plan to best 

foster Arts and Culture in Richmond Hill. Since that time we have all enjoyed the fruits of this effort. As a member of Council, and as the Chair of the Cultural Leadership Council, I was pleased to raise the Culture Days flag with our staff, to mark the start of Culture Days in our community and across Canada. For more information on events happening in our area please visit


2. Mayor’s State of the City Address

Mayor Dave Barrow delivered his annual 2019 State of the City Address at the Richmond Hill Board of Trade Mayor’s Luncheon and Member Showcase recently. This year’s address focused on how Richmond Hill is continuing to grow and evolve, including by developing new partnerships to benefit our residents and businesses, supporting innovation, improving our efficiency and accountability as a service provider and building up our thriving community.

“I have personally watched Richmond Hill grow into a vibrant, dynamic, welcoming community, rich in culture and optimal for business,” said Mayor Barrow. “We have become a place of diverse economic growth, of innovation and of community. We are sophisticated, competitive and truly deserving of being called a City – a change that we believe will create new opportunities. And while we can be proud knowing we have built a solid foundation, we must always be planning for the future.”

For more information about Mayor Barrow’s Speech visit–what-we-do-and-how-we-do-it-matters-richmond-hill-mayor-addresses-accountability-innovation-and-community/

3. Municipal Champions for Climate Action Meeting

I attended a newly formed Municipal Leaders group in Toronto recently that will be working towards practical action that Municipalities can take to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. It was great to hear from past Mayor of Toronto, David Miller about some of his ideas in this area. 

It was also great to congratulate Toronto Councillor Mike Layton on Toronto’s recent announcement regarding declaring a Climate Emergency, and the steps they will take to become carbon neutral in the coming decades.  I look forward to seeing Richmond Hill continue to do good work in this area as well.